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How Am I Doing – Week 9

Wow, is it really only 9 weeks or should I say is it really 9 weeks? So, fluctuating but almost stable weight – that’s not what I’m looking for! I had hoped to have lost loads of weight this week … Continue reading

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Saturday’s Food and Quick Update

Well, I know that I usually update you all tomorrow with my weight and the like and I still will, but I had such a good day today that I just thought that whilst I await the imminent arrival of … Continue reading

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How Am I Doing – Week 7

Morning all, and how does this beautiful Sunday find you?  Me, I am in the most fantastic of moods today, a really hard training session always lifts my spirits followed by a really good breakfast, when I get over feeling sick from my … Continue reading

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Walking in the Snow

My walk in the snow yesterday was not without incident!  On the way out, I was taken by the views in my village, everything looks so beautiful in the freshly fallen snow.  I was actually finding it quite amusing that … Continue reading

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How Am I Doing, Week 3

Well, suffering from water retention as I am, the weight doesn’t look good, so I really am reluctant to post it.  However, in the interest of a ‘true and honest’ blog site, and as much as I really don’t want … Continue reading

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How Did I End up Like This????

As this is a University weekend, I spent the weekend with some like-minded idiots haha….  We are in a similar position in life; where we are in our respective careers and surprisingly enough, in our everyday lives.  Is it surprising how so many like-minded people end up … Continue reading

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Why Losing Weight Slowly is Good

I thought I’d write this quickly because I’m at University at the weekend and so I probably won’t get chance to write anything.  I do have another blog in the pipelines right now, but it’s not quite ready for release. … Continue reading

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