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How Am I Doing – Week 9

Wow, is it really only 9 weeks or should I say is it really 9 weeks? So, fluctuating but almost stable weight – that’s not what I’m looking for! I had hoped to have lost loads of weight this week … Continue reading

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Walking in the Snow

My walk in the snow yesterday was not without incident!  On the way out, I was taken by the views in my village, everything looks so beautiful in the freshly fallen snow.  I was actually finding it quite amusing that … Continue reading

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Thursday’s Update

So, first and foremost – can I hear you all cheer – tomorrow’s FRIDAY – YAY… Secondly – what’s going on? I would seriously love someone to tell me what the hell is going on with me, because I certainly can’t.  … Continue reading

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I Am Sooo Bored with My Food Choices

So, I’m having another whinge again…and yeah it’s about food AND training I’m in a hotel in Cornwall, I’ve been staying here for ages or so it seems and I am really bored with the menu now.  They can’t cook … Continue reading

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How to Calculate the Correct Calories and MacroNutrients

Wow, technical topic or it could be, I’ll keep it as simple as possible.  I have collated the information from various sources and I will endeavour to create links where I can so you can go read the original for a … Continue reading

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Monday’s update

So, after my ridiculous week of not eating to my plan, in fact, not really eating at all – if you exclude the pack of fruit pastels that will haunt me for ages now 😦  how did I fare yesterday … Continue reading

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Deciphering Food Labels and On-Line Calorie Counters

Over the past 7 months whilst I have been obsessing over my food, macronutrient and caloric intake I have come to learn how absolutely ambiguous the food labeling system is.  Yeah, the government and the many quango’s are doing their ‘best’ to educate … Continue reading

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