Comments & Rants – Off Topic Q&A

This page has been designed by request for all your rants and comments that don’t directly relate to a specific blog.

I will answer daily  and rest assured I will receive an email every time you add a comment to this or any other page or blog (unless I’m on holiday 🙂 ).

3 Responses to Comments & Rants – Off Topic Q&A

  1. Gladys Emmanuel says:

    My mum has developed post transplant diabetes. As she is now on over a hundred tablets a day and losing weight at an extraordinary rate I was wondering what the possible causes were. She is also a heart patient and taking simvastatin even though she has never had high cholesterol. Any dietary advice would be helpful as now she has no dietary restrictions except with sugar intake and the woman has gone food mad.

    ps she seems to also think that alcohol has no sugar in and is turning into a right lush now she has no fluid restrictions lol

  2. Lian Munday says:

    Well, having posted this last night and then sitting back and thinking about the research I would need to do to enable me to answer this question; I came up with this answer – I would have to undertake yet another course of study or two. This course would be some kind of medical degree and another course in Nutrition. Then I’d have to think about the ‘Hippocratic oath’, First Do No Harm and if I continue along this vein, I could well cause ‘harm’. Therefore, I have come to the realisation that I really need to back off the advice side of things, I am not qualified to answer these kind of questions and I shouldn’t even try.

    I will continue to write about me and how I am using nutrition to help me back to fitness and health and also any supplements that I am using and why, but I can only write about stuff that directly affects me.

    However, having said that, I am still happy to hear your rants and any comments you may have on any topic I have written about.

    I hope you continue to enjoy the blog… many thanks for stopping by…

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