How Am I Doing – Week 7

Morning all, and how does this beautiful Sunday find you?  Me, I am in the most fantastic of moods today, a really hard training session always lifts my spirits followed by a really good breakfast, when I get over feeling sick from my intense training session that is  🙂

I received an interesting email from Martin on Friday as I was drinking my recovery shake in the gym changing room.  He basically asked me if I had any idea why my bodyweight has come down significantly this week?  I had to admit that I realise that it is because I spent the week sitting around watching TV, no stress, no work, no training, really, no exercise at all!  I had increased to 108.7 (starting to retain water) on the 6th but I am down to 107.9 this morning.  Wow, that’s almost a KG.  So, more proof that I can shed that amount of weight by doing NOTHING!  That just goes to show that eating below my BMR only works to lose weight if I want to be a couch potato, that I can’t afford to do, well,  that is unless there’s a gorgeous rich guy out there who wants to keep me in a fashion to which I would love to become accustomed 😉 ?  But really, I can’t stand being a couch potato and really – daytime TV!  TV’s so absolutely mind-numbingly boring that I really couldn’t do it for longer than this week.  Even Sky TV is absolutely rubbish – why the hell do I pay for Sky when I never watch it?  That could pay for another PT session or, I could save the money for my holiday – yeah, not enough time between cancellation and going away for that to make any difference whatsoever, however, over a year it’s almost £500!   

So, with all the above in mind, I have asked Martin where we go from here?  Do we just see what happens when I go back to work and back to my three sessions in the gym and my 3 additional 30 min walks per week?  He seems to be fully aware that I will either increase in weight or remain fairly static.  If this is the case, what can we do to retain the weight-loss and keep up the renewed activity level?  The jury’s out at the moment, I await his reply, which will probably be sometime next week as he monitors my daily weight to assess the impact of the additional calorie usage, lots of driving next week and two days in central London too.  However, there is another thing that is quite new to the mix too, that’s me getting 8 hours sleep per night, so I guess if we stay as we are this week and I maintain my good habits for both eating & sleeping and I still lose weight, then it’s a combination of the new supplements (cortisol blockers) and sleep.  Yeah, you see, this is the point that Martin usually tells me to ‘stop over analysing and go for a light 20 minute walk’ haha.  Whatever it is, it’s an excellent results week!

On to more….interesting things 🙂

This morning’s breakfast consisted of 2 scrambled eggs, 2 slices of Tesco Organic Unsmoked Bacon and 2 Tesco Finest Cumberland Sausages.

Breakfast and Supplements

I got bored with cooking poached eggs so switched to scrambled.  I dry fry the bacon in a heavy based hard anodised frying pan with no added fat, then scramble the eggs in the same pan when the bacon is cooked; there is no residual fat left in the pan from frying the bacon.  I always cook the sausages in the oven, I hate frying or grilling the monsters, far too messy for my liking.  The supplements, I usually take before I eat my breakfast, this works particularly well with fish oil pills; they can have a tendency to repeat if you eat them after or without food, however, taken before you eat stops this happening.

Macronutrients for the day

  • KCALS   1522
  • FAT        97
  • CHO       57
  • PRO       114

Another really good day.  I have made a promise that I will try to not go below 1300 kcals, never below 1275 and not go over my carbs or protein by more than +2, so, carbs should be 54 over by 3 (oops), protein should be 120 under by 6, well within the tolerances, fat is over by 6 but that’s absolutely acceptable.   The reason that it’s all a lot higher than my normal plan is because on a training day, I have a recovery shake that consists of 30g of whey protein and 20g of dextrose and a piece of fruit, that increases kcals, carbs and protein but no change to fat.  This was only introduced a week or so ago, however, Martin informs me that he is going to remove the dextrose and increase the protein for the recovery shake sometime soon.

Just another point, I could never eat like this when I had the ghastly band fitted without either eating soups or throwing it all back up again – only done that twice since I had it removed – how fantastic is that, it used to be a daily occurence!  I am happy to say that I haven’t gained loads of weight as the Surgeon was concerned I would.  That would only happen if I ate stupidly and lived on fish & chips, bread and chocolate and other such rubbish foods.  I really shouldn’t ever increase to where I was before as long as I stick to only eating good whole food that I cook and prepare myself and adhere to my macronutrient mix as recommended by Mr MacNutrition, Martin MacDonald (just in case you forgot who he is 🙂 )

On to another topic – how am I following my ‘snow ballet’ of last week?  I’m well on the road to recovery, thanks for asking!  I have bought some ice grips for my boots so that shouldn’t happen again.  I had some physio sessions with Andy ( no massage for another 3 weeks though, it needs to start to heal properly so he doesn’t cause anymore damage – apparently ) and I have also been back into the gym for my max 32.5 min session.  Andy went easy on me with my injury, so no twisty exercises and no really heavy weights, only 5 kg dumb bells.  The training consisted mainly of arms and back work to try to strengthen the supporting muscles in the back with some core activation too – push ups on a bosu.  Today however, was a really intense weight/cardio session, basically using a weight circuit to give a really intense cardio workout too.  He says I’m definitely ready to go back to work.  He also said that from today onwards I can expect it to get worse each week, as long as Martin doesn’t have an issue with that – BRING IT ON ANDY!!!

So, that’s it for now, I’ll keep you informed of any changes to my plan that Martin recommends and how that’s going for me…. quite like to try Intermittent Fasting properly, I have asked, but I can’t make unilateral decisions.

Catch you soon…

PS, I really fancied some chocolate after the gym – drinking my recovery shake is so sweet, it sets off my sweet tooth (which I have about 32 haha) – so I bought some 85% organic dark chocolate – I hate dark chocolate, so I’m hoping that it satisfies the desire with just 1/2 square, that’s about as much as my teeth can stand – yuk…

About Lian Munday

My journey from having a gastric band to actually losing weight in a healthy controlled way with the help and support of Martin MacDonald, Mac-Nutrition, my Nutritionist and Andy Angell, my Personal Trainer. Please join us on our journey.
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