Walking in the Snow

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My walk in the snow yesterday was not without incident!  On the way out, I was taken by the views in my village, everything looks so beautiful in the freshly fallen snow.  I was actually finding it quite amusing that I was slipping and sliding all the way to the shop which is about a mile.  ‘Great for the abs and the legs’ thought I. 

As with every Sunday in the village, there were loads of people out walking and only a few cars, so I did take the opportunity to walk on the road when I got completely fed up with not getting anywhere in the snow.  Yup, I have no patience, I want everything NOW and if I go out for a walk, I do expect to be able to walk, even if I do get distracted by the beauty surrounding me.  This is something that I never tire of, my village and the surrounding countryside is absolutely beautiful with many hidden gems.  Something that I realised quite early on in my walk, my boots are absolutely rubbish for walking in snow and ice.  I really have to get some wellies if I want to walk in the snow again.  All the other walkers were wearing wellies and none of them looked like they were struggling in the conditions!  Lesson learnt!!!

So, I arrived at the shop, and bought my bacon and sausage and some apples for my post gym snack, and I set off home again.

I only managed to make it to the end of the store path and slipped.  As I was falling I did what everyone tries to do instinctively and tried to grab a fence to stop me falling.  Well, that didn’t turn out very well at all, I ended up twisting and tearing the muscles down my left side and spraining my right wrist too, then when I let go, my elbow hit the ground quite painfully.  Do you feel sorry for me, or are you laughing at the thought of the spectacle?  I must admit, even though it hurt like hell and I was actually struggling to breath, I was laughing so much, I was so graceful in my fall – NOT…

Luckily, my neighbour was just coming out of the shop and saw my show – how she didn’t laugh I have no idea, but maybe she’s really good at masking it.  Anyway, she helped me to her car and brought me home; shes’ also a nurse, so she checked me out and said that some good painkillers, hot and cold compresses and rest and I would be fine, but it will take about 6 weeks to fully repair.  I have done this before and I know that it will take an age to get better again, but rest????  I don’t want to cease up!  I think I need to speak to Andy, my personal trainer, he’s also a sports physiotherapist, he can put right again.  What was it Martin said ‘Do pain-free motion – speak to Andy’, hmm, pain-free motion, sounds interesting, I’ll call Andy later this morning.

Because I can’t stand for more than a minute or so, and walking is unbelievably painful right now, I decided that I had better prepare as much of my food for the day as possible.



Two of todays meals

The above picture is of two of my snacks for today, they each contain 50 g of salad leaf, 50 g of cherry tomatoes, 50 g of cucumber, 4 black olives and tuna mayo mix which contains 70 g of tuna in spring water and 20 g of homemade mayonnaise.


Macronutrients for each salad

  • Kcals    274
  • FAT      19
  • CHO      8
  • PRO      19

 Macronutrients for the day

  • Kcals    1304
  • FAT      93
  • CHO      23
  • PRO      95

Pretty much spot on today in all areas.  This could end up like Christmas week for the exercise and the macronutrients especially if I end up being off for the week!  Here’s hoping eh. 

I hope that you all fared better in the snow and at least had the common sense to go out in suitable atire!

About Lian Munday

My journey from having a gastric band to actually losing weight in a healthy controlled way with the help and support of Martin MacDonald, Mac-Nutrition, my Nutritionist and Andy Angell, my Personal Trainer. Please join us on our journey.
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2 Responses to Walking in the Snow

  1. Yv says:

    Well if we Bristolians had got any snow I’d have been happy. The two sleds I bought a couple of years ago are still unused and under my dining table…..(they weren’t bought for the kids either but for two childish adults). Glad you didn’t break anything and from a West Country girl who always has a pair wellies in the car and porch – shame on your Northener!!!! I write this alone in a Cornish hotel listening to a man who urinates every 30 minutes……perhaps I should knock on his doorand ask him if he has diabetes??? My mum would. Take care and rest – as much as your stubborn self will allow.

    • Lian Munday says:

      Arrre, stuck in a Cornish hotel eh? Some bizarre piano playing old bird seranading you whilst you eat your ham & eggs 🙂 I feel for you, that must as painful for you as sitting here is for me right now!! Glad I took the photos on my to the shops otherwise I might just have published the huge bruises I ended up with LOL…. Catch you soon…

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