How Am I Doing – Week 6

Well, last week 108.7, this week 108.4, not a dramatic movement, but a movement in the right direction nonetheless.  From today onwards I am only going be optimistic 🙂

I did discuss with Martin last week if he thought that things should start to move again now – I was in the mood to give up, but I didn’t tell him that…. he said that he was optimistic that within the next couple of weeks we should start to see movement in the right direction again.  But he also said that he was concerned that by the time my metabolism started to respond I would be retaining water again and that would mask the weight-loss/progress!  I did say that at least it would be a nice surprise when I was no longer retaining water again – see, showing optimism to him that I really wasn’t feeling.  We had a brief chat this morning which culminated in him telling me to ‘stop thinking’ that really was so funny, I really am no good at it where my body is concerned.  I also think I’m my own worst enemy and can just wind myself up quite well. 

So, I was going to the gym this morning for my max 32.5 minute training, on my own because Andy’s away this weekend.  However, I decided against it because of the snow – I hate driving in snow at the best of times.  So I have decided that when I have used my new snow shovel and cleared the path from the house to the garage, I will bring my exercise equipment back in the house from the garage.  It was banished to the garage when Martin stopped my training everyday.  I just need to control the urge to use the stuff everyday whilst it’s in the house!  If I can’t, then it goes straight back in the garage.

I also don’t have anything in for breakfast, so I need to go shopping, but as I only need bacon and sausage, I have enough eggs (wouldn’t fancy my chances of getting them home in one piece in the snow) and I have plenty of everything else – a walk to the shop (about a mile each way) is called for too.  Last night we discussed the 15 minute brisk walk that starts this week before 1 meal on 3 out of 4 of my non training days – we settled on 30 minute walk – no power walking so that I could use the walk to actually go to the shop and pick up dinner, or in today’s case, breakfast.  If I had stuck to the 15 mins brisk walk, I can get to the pub in that time, but it’s not really a walk to anywhere, ergo, 30 mins non brisk walking ;-)…

So, the start of week 7 – buzz words for the week – ‘optimism’ & ‘self control’ in ALL things – no slipping off the wagon for food or training.

Also, a blog that I re-blogged this morning reminding myself that I am worthy and that I do deserve to be the way I want to be.  But that means that I have to practice the above!  So, enough waffle, time to clear the path, walk to the shop and then bring the x-trainer and weights back in the house and inflate the swiss ball too.  Hhhmmn, if I’m walking to the shop, I shouldn’t be training too – maybe I’ll not bring the stuff in just yet – setting myself up to cheat on the training already if I do 😉

I think for lunch today I’m gonna have a low carb stuffed pepper – I’ll post the recipe on the recipe page later today.

Catch you later…

About Lian Munday

My journey from having a gastric band to actually losing weight in a healthy controlled way with the help and support of Martin MacDonald, Mac-Nutrition, my Nutritionist and Andy Angell, my Personal Trainer. Please join us on our journey.
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6 Responses to How Am I Doing – Week 6

  1. Wisdom Elf says:

    This time of year is not conducive to feeling good about self. Add to that the lack of percieved movement in your weight and I can see why you may be feeling it is time to ‘give up’.

    Everything you are doing is working towards your goal, don’t be fooled by the scales. Although your ultimate goal is to lose weight, that is not where you start the process. You are trying to re-train yourself into good eating and exercise habits more suited to your lifestyle.

    Concentrate less on the weight and more on the fact that you are becoming healthier, weight loss will follow in due course.

    Trust me, I know. 🙂

  2. Iago Cezarin says:

    Like your post. Keep it going !!!

  3. bearrunner says:

    Good job on getting out in the cold!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Lian Munday says:

    Yeah, thanks, it was excellent until I fell and tore the muscles in my side and sprained my wrist… I really should get some boots that are fit for the snow!

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