Cold Dismal Tuesday Morning

I Woke up this morning at 8 am, a whole 9 hrs sleep – wahoo.. so, do I put that down to the magnesium citrate or the fact that I’ve been working from home and it’s seriously boring?  I think I’ll put it down to the former, after all, we all know that Martin’s never wrong and this is one of the reasons he’s recommended I start taking it.

The mood isn’t brilliant today – this often happens to me when I have too much sleep – CORTISOL is also implicated in this kind of mood, but guess what arrived in the post this morning – Phosphatidlserine Serine can I just say that its got its work cut out for itself today haha – not really feeling that laugh though!

There is another really good thing going on today too though – I get to go to the GYM!  Speaking of the gym, I was really busy yesterday writing documentation and getting a product ready for lauch with the usual parifinalia of presentations etc.  Well, I reached the point of not focusing on anything and just writing stuff and thinking of all kinds of other stuff, not to mention the fact that I actually ate 4 meals yesterday – lots of food and hard to do, not physically though – no ghastly band to impede my good nutrition.  At around 6 pm last night I found myself upstairs getting ready to go to the gym – completely absent-minded but I had been thinking of how all the food I was eating with a complete lack of exercise was just going to be stored as fat because I’m not using any energy to convert it.  I know this is stupid thinking and I am eating below my BMR so realistically I should be losing loads of weight.  I also know that it doesn’t work like that either.  Eating below your BMR is bad for weight-loss!  I did stop myself though, I can’t go to the gym everyday as much as I would love to.  I need to remember his stern words of Sunday –

“You seriously better not be screwing around though… i.e. 30 mins ‘warm up’ on CV stuff and then 30 mins intervals etc. in the gym, 30 mins of hard work, shake, out. “

This is him checking that I am ONLY doing 30 mins in the gym and not cheating with a 30 min CV warm up followed by my 30 min weight session.  As I said on Sunday, I do generally follow his instructions to the letter, otherwise what’s the point in working with him.  I do think he’d refute that at times though but, as I said I GENERALLY follow his instructions, but I do sometimes slip.

When I’m in a mood like this, I need to be around people – I’m a people person or do I just crave attention, isn’t that the same thing?  Roll on gym time this afternoon.  Oh yeah, Andy and I are taking some photos of him today for his page – that is if his face is healed.  That’s the consequence of playing rugby and getting your face stamped on – ouch… In fact, every time we have planned to take photo’s, he’s injured himself at rugby, last week he pulled his shoulder and couldn’t lift anything or pose.

On the slipping thing – today I really fancy chocolate, any chocolate will do but chocolate, or cake – yeah sweet stuff – ooh, also fancy Cheerios, I don’t have any of the stuff I want in the house, in fact I don’t even have milk so I can’t have porridge oats – where did that come from?  Anyway I have no need to go to the shops, therefore I won’t be tempted, I don’t even need petrol so I can’t accidentally buy rubbish 🙂 .  As long as I don’t veer into the shops on the way to the gym, when I’ve finished in the gym the craving will be gone and I’ll have all the happy hormones racing around my body to replace the thoughts of chocolate – bring on a really, really intense workout…. 30 mins of working to failure, all without injury of course.  See, I’m feeling better already, now is that the thought of they gym session or is that the Phosphatidlserine kicking in?  Actually, I’m not sure what it is, which pills or powders or even if it’s just writing this – my mood is certainly getting better; I even feel I can tackle my tax return haha, and yes, defo feeling that laugh…  I also don’t feel the cravings anymore!

Just as an aside – breakfast was a fantastic Sausage Quiche, I’m gonna post the recipe now on the recipe pages – go check it out!

Oh well, work calls !!

About Lian Munday

My journey from having a gastric band to actually losing weight in a healthy controlled way with the help and support of Martin MacDonald, Mac-Nutrition, my Nutritionist and Andy Angell, my Personal Trainer. Please join us on our journey.
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2 Responses to Cold Dismal Tuesday Morning

  1. bearrunner says:

    yesss coffee milk and sugar mmm

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