I Am Sooo Bored with My Food Choices

So, I’m having another whinge again…and yeah it’s about food AND training

I’m in a hotel in Cornwall, I’ve been staying here for ages or so it seems and I am really bored with the menu now.  They can’t cook steak, so that’s off the menu –  the fish is all in batter or has other rubbish with it that I can’t eat, so I’m virtually living on belly pork and salad.  I am soooo, bored with the menu.  Lunch doesn’t fare much better and I make that myself and bring it with me!  I got bored with my usual tuna, mayo and diced peppers so I switched to chicken breast, fresh green salad leaf, coleslaw and sometimes some olives – but I’ve run out of them now and I forgot to buy some at the weekend.  The chicken salad is really, really boring and the salad leafs take so damned long to chew that today I really couldn’t bring myself to actually eat them at all, so it was just chicken & coleslaw.

Worst of all, I’m sitting here writing this and watching Master Chef, it looks fantastic but I wouldn’t be able to eat any of it – nonetheless I really want something with some taste.  Oh look, now they’re serving the puddings – that’s what I want – ALL OF IT 😦  Today my nutrition plan stinks and I am hating my diet and yeah, today it is a diet – full of restrictions and nothing nice!

Another problem is I’m already seeing the problems of tomorrow and the rest of the week.  Tomorrow I have no lunch with me so we’ll probably have to stop at subway on the way home to have a salad.  I’m meeting Simon at Micheal Wood services for dinner – what the heck can I eat at a service station – ridiculous meeting place, but I didn’t want to back track to Cribbs Causeway after I drop my colleague off at home.  So, bad day coming up and I have to be up early in the morning for a 7 am flight to Belfast – another really poor day for food.  Thankfully Friday will be OK. I’m out for lunch with a customer in London, that’ll be somewhere really nice, then I’m meeting another friend for dinner whilst I’m in London too – lots of really good tasty & healthy stuff on Friday.

I do have to find something better than I’m eating otherwise I’m going to slip off the wagon and eat rubbish just because I am bored with my menus!  Thankfully I’m working within travelling distance to home for the next few weeks, so at least I can control food better then.

When I feel like this I can usually make myself feel better by going to the gym for a really hard workout.  I can’t do that right now though, I can only go to the gym twice a week for 30 mins each session.   I know he told me why and I perfectly understood at the time, but right now – I really don’t!  Yeah, just received an email from himself reminding me that I’m not doing so well and not be an idiot and don’t eat sweet stuff.  I won’t, I’m just having a whinge.

So, thank you for letting me just let off the steam, that makes me feel better and I can go to bed feeling somewhat repaired and ready to face another bland food day – that is mainly my fault, I will be scouring the interweb over the weekend to find some tasty dishes that I can eat at home and whilst at work during the day.

However…, if you have any ideas to tempt the taste buds back to life, please share using the comments below, even if they are heavy on the carbs or protein, I can modify them slightly to fit with my plan – just not sugary stuff though eh..

Well, time for a cup of tea before I go to bed – so good night, sleep well and we’ll catch up soon.

About Lian Munday

My journey from having a gastric band to actually losing weight in a healthy controlled way with the help and support of Martin MacDonald, Mac-Nutrition, my Nutritionist and Andy Angell, my Personal Trainer. Please join us on our journey.
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6 Responses to I Am Sooo Bored with My Food Choices

  1. Fag packet psychologist says:

    Mind, body and soul……….. Concentrating on one will always be at the detriment of the others, support yourself through the physical changes by nourishing your soul and your mind will work with you, that’s its job, to deliver what you tell it you want.

    • Lian Munday says:

      Hmm, I am looking after the health with the nutrition and the body with the training and the nutrition, but I am ignoring the mind, not the first time someone has said that I need to get my head straight too, I guess that’s what you’re saying here? Maybe that’s something else to look into, I do have issues with actually eating food, even since I had the gastric band removed, I still eat like it’s still there…

      Thanks for your comment, any recommendations on what steps I should take?

  2. Food Obsessive says:

    Eggs. Beat until thoroughly mixed, add a little water and beat some more. Spread as thin as possible in a fry pan cook until done (slightly crisp is good). Whilst still ‘warmish’ and pliable spread some coleslaw and chicken (or tuna and mayo) across the centre and fold into a pocket. For longer shelf life (when you are travelling) use rice flour pancakes (low in carbs) instead of the egg.

    Vary your fillings, you must like other fish (sardines, mackeral [mixed with horseradish yum!]) or precook your own meat (there are many to choose from). Use herbs with the more delicate flavoured proteins and spices with anything (including coleslaw or mayo!). Carry your own small pot of cayenne or paprika when travelling to be able to spice it all up a bit.

    Chilli is always good, skip the rice, add veg diced small. It travels well and can be eaten cold.

    When faced with a food restriction, think outside the box, try anything once because some of the best things in life are found out that way 🙂

    • Lian Munday says:

      Wow, perfect timing – just as I was wondering what on earth to do for lunch tomorrow when I’m flying to Belfast. I must admit I am a tad stuck in a rut with my food. I had a list of ‘allowed foods’ and I have never veered off it or indeed thought of creating my own non-flour tortilla’s and this sounds absoluletly fantastic – tortilla wraps for me for tomorrow then. I think tomorrow will be chicken salad and I’ll carry a small pot of homemade mayo to add to it when I eat, that way the egg tortilla won’t go all soggy.

      Thank you so much Food Obsessive – any more of these little gems up your sleeve? Regarding ‘thinking outside the box’ – a friend & colleague made a comment to me today whilst at work – she said, and it is beginning to hit home how right she is; ‘brain smarts – no common sense’ haha…

      Mybe my next course of study should be to learn to cook and get inventive 🙂 Although I have vowed not to study again!

    • Lian Munday says:

      Homemade Wrap – OMG, it’s gorgeous…. I had tuna mayo with salad leaf – it was wicked, I’m gonna put this on my recipe page and share if you don’t mind, complete with photos…. I also like the sound of mackerel with horseradish, that should take the taste away from the mackerel. If you have any more little gems to share, please don’t hold back…
      I have found a recipe for a sausage quiche with NO FLOUR, that’s breakfast post gym tomorrow, again if it’s a winner it’s going on the recipe page tomorrow with pics…

      Thanks again

      • Food Obsessive says:

        You’re welcome to share with others.

        I’m still trying to think of other low carb options you can use 🙂

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