How Am I Doing, Week 4

Well after my abysmal attempts at eating properly last week and as I reported in ‘How am I doing. Week 3’ I had gained weight to 109.9 kg – this week has seen me drop back to 108.6 kg. Yeah, some of this will be the excess water that I was carrying last week and I can report I am no longer water retentive, or at least I don’t think I am!

So, why aren’t I down to about 107 kg – stupidly not eating properly last week, and the hormonal rubbish that races around my body (and every other woman’s ).  It would seem that my body is really sensitive to food; I need to keep up the healthy eating and not missing meals etc for a couple of weeks at least before my body will actually allow me to use any excess energy stored as fat.  If I don’t eat properly for a sustained period of time, I gain weight.  Hmmm, I seem to recall someone telling me this – OVER and OVER AGAIN.  Maybe writing it will get it through to me – what do you think, too much of a muppet to learn the basics of sustaining a healthy life, let alone a healthy lifestyle?  That’s NOT a RHETORICAL question, I would like know what you think, and in your best pantomime voices would be good haha…

Why did I lose 3 lb+  during the Christmas week and why haven’t I emulated it again this week?  Simples… I have not stuck to my plan for a sustained period.  Over Christmas I had almost 3 weeks off work, spent a short time in hospital having the ridiculous gastric band removed and spent most of the time sitting around creating my blog site.  All that translated into no stress, no work, for a while not gym and not missing meals and eating strictly to my plan.  This leads me to another eureka moment and again this is something that someone has tried his damnedest to drill into me… sitting around, expending no extra energy and consuming 1300 kcals a day is great for me, however, add in work, gym, travel etc., etc., and it would seem that 1300 kcals may not be sufficient for my body to allow me release the stored energy in the fat cells.   Oh god, does this sound like Rule 6 of his ‘…Rules to Weight-loss…’ Never Eat Below Your BMR!!!  You see I’d say I’m finally learning, but knowing and doing are two totally different things as we have seen over the last few weeks.

I’m not allowed to change my macros unilaterally, that’s purely Martin’s decision; to be fair, writing that is really unnerving me, just the thought of increasing my caloric intake does not sit well with me, even now.  See, knowing is one thing, doing is something quite different!  1300 kcals is a lot of food to consume and to increase it would only mean eating more.  I guess I still have that ghastly (gastric) band mentality.  This should be a SUMO moment – ‘Shut Up – Move On’ or as my good friend Simon says, ‘Build a bridge and get over it’, I love that, but if he ever said that to me that would see fur & feathers flying haha…  Well, maybe not quite fur & feathers – he is a big boy…  he put the light back up in my kitchen yesterday and he could have done it whilst he was still sitting down 🙂

So, all that being said, I may have come to the realisation that yeah, he’s right AGAIN and I need to eat more to sustain life and weight loss. That’s his decision and he won’t just change things without giving the plan a fair whack and let’s face it, I can’t say that I have been strict enough to say that it is or isn’t working. I have been this week – honest Martin… 🙂 (had to get that in there – quickly)

Do you see how rubbish I am – already coming up with excuses to not increase calories …. muppet!  Anyway, off to the gym now for my only 30 min PT session with Andy.


About Lian Munday

My journey from having a gastric band to actually losing weight in a healthy controlled way with the help and support of Martin MacDonald, Mac-Nutrition, my Nutritionist and Andy Angell, my Personal Trainer. Please join us on our journey.
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