Monday’s update

So, after my ridiculous week of not eating to my plan, in fact, not really eating at all – if you exclude the pack of fruit pastels that will haunt me for ages now 😦  how did I fare yesterday and how am I GOING to do this week?

Yesterday, an excellent day, when I recalculated my macros they came back at

  • Kcals  1286
  • FAT    90
  • CHO   27
  • PRO   98

Pretty much spot on.  So, why can’t I do that all the time?  My excuse is time, travel and work.  It’s so much harder to manage a healthy diet when you work away as much as I do.  Take today for instance;

  • 04:30: wake up, weight, photo to Martin, shower, pack suit case for trip away
  • 05:30: breakfast – 2 boiled eggs, and pack lunch ready for 3 days – car snack for 2 trips (2 packs of chopped and ready to eat celery)
  • 06:00 leave for Cornwall, swing by Bristol to collect colleague
  • 12:20 arrive in Cornwall – have lunch (already prepared)
  • 12:45 start work
  • 5:00 pm finish and drive to hotel
  • 6:00 pm gym for an hour (should be 30 mins, actually, shouldn’t be any but Martin didn’t say NO)
  • 7:30 – 8:00 pm dinner with colleague
  • 9:00 – 9:30 pm back to room to write report for customer – email said report when finished around 4,000 words – small report haha
  • 00:00 bed time

At least today I have factored in the food, but my days usually look pretty similar to this.  I may not always have to drive for between 4 and 6 hours, although this is normal, and if not, I’m usually on a train or plane.

I really should and will prepare all my food in the evenings ready to take with me.  I used to do this until I started to fly to Newcastle all the time and then I resorted to protein shakes (pretty much used them as slimfast).  This was really simple to carry, but now protein shakes are not part of my plan, I have to go back to my food production line, a lesson I learned from my sister who stays at my house when I’m away, she does this all the time to stick to her plan.

I have planned my menus for the whole week up to Saturday when I have the guys from University coming up for a study weekend.  We are not drinking or eating rubbish this weekend.  I am cooking – sea bass with sizzled ginger and chillies for Saturday lunch, (will post this recipe later)  Vietnamese Chicken Curry (posted on the recipe page) for dinner  and bacon, egg, sausage and mushroom for Sunday breakfast.  Who needs to eat junk with fantastic food like that and that will all add up to 1300 kcals for me, more for the guys who will have larger portions, they may even have a pudding, I don’t know what that would be though, probably some berries, almonds and double cream – yum – recipe courtisey of Martin ages ago.

So, the plan is that I stick to my plan, I have chosen my meals based on what’s available at the hotel whilst I’m away and when I’m at home I’ve already bought the stuff.

Training wise, I will go to the gym tonight, and then again on Saturday.  I will adhere to Martin’s rule of not over doing the training to reduce the over production of cortisol and I will also ensure that I get more sleep than I have done to ensure that I produce the correct levels of growth hormones that are only produced during sleep that also help with weight loss.  I have been pretty rubbish in this area too lately – too much work and too much study.  One pays the bills the other will do in the future!

So, onward and downwards (weight that is), I hope to lose at least 1 – 2 lbs this week – yeah I would still like more even though I know it’s stupid 🙂

Catch up soon.

Andy promises me that his first post and photos will be ready today!!!  I will  post this as soon as it’s received – so come on Andy, you promised 😉

About Lian Munday

My journey from having a gastric band to actually losing weight in a healthy controlled way with the help and support of Martin MacDonald, Mac-Nutrition, my Nutritionist and Andy Angell, my Personal Trainer. Please join us on our journey.
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8 Responses to Monday’s update

  1. Jane O'Neill says:

    good on you Lian, it seems to me that organisation is a main factor for you… if you can set your menu plan out for the week, I could see that this could get pretty boring, but to me, you are in control when you plan and prepare ahead, so I think this is key for you, as for the driving, if you need a chauffeur full time, give me a ring, if your not sick with my driving you will be crapping yourself lol…. look forward to your updates… xx

    • Lian Munday says:

      Oh god, I really would love a chaufeur, and if I’m not sick of your driving, you would be sick of my whingeing haha. Love to catch up some time Jane.. On a more sensible note – to which I am not well known 🙂 I do work best when I plan ahead, but sometimes when stuck in a hotel you really do get bogged down in either more work or more gym time, both of which I’m trying to avoid – so what else can I do when stuck in a hotel – drink??? I think that might be against my plan haha…. therefore, I will just persevere with the plan and either work, study or write my blog, but avoid the gym until I’m allowed to go without the supervision of Andy my personal trainer. Jees, I sound like someone who takes orders and for those of you who know me let’s all laugh together lol..

  2. Anastasia Black-Beaverhausen says:

    Hi Lian

    You are doing very well and seem very disciplined. I have huge problems with portion control and finding myself eating far too much portions of meat. How do I rectify this and what can I replace with these meat portions? You look very lovely in your photo…I only wish to achieve the same.

    Yours sincerlrly


    • Lian Munday says:

      Hi Anastasia,

      Portion control of meat – you go girl!!! As long as your meat portions are in line with your overall nutrition plan – protein is good – swallow it down.

      I would be best to point you in the direction of Martin’s website for the accurate macronutritent mix/control information where this is concerned!! He has a really good blog on his site about the correct macros for anyone. I may add this information into a blog later if there is an appitite out there for this? (Please drop me a line if you would like me to write something in this area). I too quite like lots of meat in my diet, but of late, it’s been a tad lacking – my macros have been reduced and the meat has been reduced considerably. I may however, add a little extra in my plan this weekend 😉

      As far as the discipline is concerned – not so much really. I have had a really bad week excerbated by the lack of a controlling hand from my dad, Mac-Daddy…

  3. Matt Masters says:

    Hey:) as a friend and a fellow under tall person I thought I would show my support and say… bloomin well done! It took me years of eating in hotels and way too much alcohol (still do the latter) to create the man I am today. I have been a regular gym go-er for 18 years. I was going to complain and get my money back:) Truth is that 3-5 gym sessions a week dont count for SH*T if you can drink 2 bottles of wine every night and not consider that a lot. At the weekends it has been worse. I have aslo in the past done a 2 hour work out and then gone to the chip shop on the way home!!! I now only drink once a week, but probably still eat too much – even when I am not hungry. Sometimes I can not satisfy my hunger. Perhaps its not a real hunger, perhaps its a hunger for comfort?

    • Lian Munday says:

      Hi Matt,

      Work has a lot to answer for – I’d love to be able to blame it for my issues, too much working away and living in hotels haha. Unfortunatly, it didn’t make me make the choices I did. You hit the nail on the head with the fact that all the training in the world ‘don’t count for sh*t’ if you don’t get your nutrition right and yeah, that includes alcohol – unfortunately 😦 I used to be a wine merchant and so developed a ‘deep appreciation’ for wine – YUM YUM… However, working with Martin has taught me the error of my ways. It doesn’t stop me having the odd glass every now and then though. In fact if I could be trusted not to go over the top, I could have a large glass of wine on a cheat day, say Saturday night…..

      As for the eating too much and especially when you are not hungry – yeah, this could be comfort eating, but you need to be careful that you are not causing yourself some metabolic issues, from some of the reading I have been doing, there could be an issue with some of the hormones that create satiety one such hormone is Leptin.

      I would be only too happy to help you where I can, even if it’s just a supporting thing if you would like that? We could create a self help group, whereby if you feel like over indulging, you could tweet me and we could support each through these times and ensure we don’t fall off the wagon. I often think I need someone like this too, will power alone doesn’t always work, especially when you’re in that kind of mood; did you read my blog last week about the ?

      Anyway, let me know if you would like me to research (and ask Martin for advice) about satisfying hunger and methods to avoid it over-eating, also, let me know if you want to set up a support thing either via twitter or via this blog, and yeah, as a friend, you have my phone number too :-)?

  4. beadlefoot says:

    You have inspired me. Do you have the contact details of a good nutritionist? I want to not be hungry but be full, and have the energy to continue my gym sessions. I want someone to simply write out a 7 day eating plan that a bloke can find easy to stick to. I want to write a book or blog ” The Blokes Food Bible” easy wuick meals, no calorie counting – just healthy eating. Maybe throw in a few lifestye tips, for example 1/2 hour jog = 1 pint of beer…

    • Lian Munday says:

      Hi Beedlefoot,

      Firstly, many thanks for your kind comments. It’s comments like this that keep me motivated to succeed in my efforts and to keep writing!

      Sorry, I don’t have the contact details of ‘good nutritionist’, I do however have the contact details of an ‘Awesome Nutritional Scientist’! Martin MacDonald of if you log onto his website, he has a contact page where you can contact him directly. He is a very busy guy with some really high maintenance clients – well, he is working with me haha… so he may not get back to you instantly, but trust me, he is worth the wait. Have you seen my progress photos?

      I love the sound of your blog/book ‘The Blokes Food Bible’, I think there is defo an appetite and market out there for something like that, not just for blokes, I may take up the mantle and do something similar for birds, or maybe we could collaborate and have a ‘Blokes and Birds Food Bible’ haha.. Could be quite interesting too.

      Anyway, I am certain that Martin is the man who can help you start on your journey – good luck and keep in touch. I’d love to know how you are going.

      Kind regards


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