How Am I Doing, Week 3

Well, suffering from water retention as I am, the weight doesn’t look good, so I really am reluctant to post it.  However, in the interest of a ‘true and honest’ blog site, and as much as I really don’t want to – I have to….

So last week saw my weight increase to 108.4 kg almost 1 kg (too much training, stressing my body)

This week is every bit as bad 109.9 kg

If I’m honest, that’s not the highest it’s been this week, it was way higher on Thursday when I took the photo of my ginormous foot, and yes, I still have swollen feet, ankles, hands and ‘other things’ if you know what I mean.  So, this weight is possibly still 1.5 kg higher than it actually is. 

To combat the water retention Martin has recommended dandelion root, you can take it in tablet form or in tea and I have also found a coffee, decaf of course and I am just drinking it now.  As I don’t really like anything called coffee or tea that doesn’t taste like real coffee or real black tea and I don’t take sugar (food of the devil or life sapping stuff, (MacDonald M, 2011) haha) I have added the vitamin C to the coffee. 

Dandelion Coffee & Vitamin C

The vitamin C (1 g per day) has many benefits which I am still researching, it can be beneficial in combatting my old nemesis cortisol and apparently it can also help with the water retention.  It is very, very sweet but it’s OK with the dandelion coffee. 

If like me you really suffer with extreme water retention (hormonal kind) then this is so much better than prescribed meds and certainly better than Aqua Ban; I took Aqua Ban many years ago when I was abusing my body with all the ridiculous diets and laxatives and it actually gave me kidney problems, maybe I over did it though?!?!?!

Anyway, there is more to the weight; over the last few days I really haven’t been strict with my nutrition plan.  As we all know now eating the correct macros and kcals when trying to lose weight is crucial and I haven’t. 

On Thursday, I didn’t eat lunch and substituted this with a full family bag of fruit pastels, burnt my mouth with all the sugar in the process – penance or what… Then on Friday I started excellently, I had breakfast, 1 sm poached egg, 2 rashers of bacon and 1 sausage, followed by lunch – 125 g of ham (no sugar or other rubbish), mixed crisp lettuce leaves, 8 olives and 50 g of coleslaw so far, so good.  Driving home 100 g of celery, then 31 g of brazil nuts – tried for 100 g to get all the kcals but I failed miserably, I was just too tired to eat.

So, the day ended up looking like this

  • Kcals 812
  • FAT  52
  • CHO  15
  • PRO  24

I didn’t fare any better yesterday either, I only ate 160 g of salmon, 60 g avocado (mixed with 1/2 clove of garlic and 5 ml lemon juice) and 100 g of wilted spinach with 10 g of butter.  Yesterday’s macros

  • Kcal 415
  • FAT 26
  • CHO 10
  • PRO 36

Really not a good week and when Martin sees this, he won’t be happy – hello ‘shouty Martin’ !!  Seriously serves me right, this is a real slip back into how I used to eat.  It is really easy for me to slip into this and I really need to watch to make sure I don’t and always around this time….  See, my problem didn’t end up as over eating – rather under eating and that has seriously screwed up my metabolism – direct consequence of listening to all the rubbish information out there – ‘kcals in versus kcals out’…. it’s all due to eating BELOW my basal metabolic rate (BMR) Martin’s Rule 4.  quick link to mine

As you know, I only changed the format of his so also a quick link to his…  Martin has a link to recommended reading on his new website with direct links into Amazon to take the thinking out of what to read.  Excellent!!  I may steal that idea myself haha…

The consequences of eating like this:

I will GAIN WEIGHT – I am stressing my body even more and this will lead to over production of cortisol which will exacerbate my weight gains and inhibit my weight loss, over production of cortisol promotes the storage of belly fat!  I am screwing with my metabolism again – instead of my body believing that it will get the fuel it needs to sustain life, it realises that it won’t, so it thinks its famine time AGAIN and therefore stores as much energy as possible and lays down even more fat.

So, you’d think that if I’m an intelligent person and I know all the above, I wouldn’t do this to myself…. I could put it down to tiredness and the fact that I was so tired I couldn’t really focus on anything yesterday.  I was suffering from aphasia – couldn’t really speak at times, far too tired.  The former is also exacerbated by lack of nutrients and considering I had a pretty heavy session in the gym with Andy in the morning, any available energy reserves I did have I used up and I didn’t replenish my stocks.

Reason for this admission of stupidity – to try to get into my thick skull that IT CANNOT HAPPEN AGAIN. Write it, believe it, know it – DON’T DO IT…. idiot.

There will be another post later today on ‘Reading Food Labels and On Line Calorie Counters’ so watch out for that.

If you have any comments on the above please use the comments box below – all comments welcome and I will respond, or, if this information has been of interest or use, please use the buttons below to share or like.

About Lian Munday

My journey from having a gastric band to actually losing weight in a healthy controlled way with the help and support of Martin MacDonald, Mac-Nutrition, my Nutritionist and Andy Angell, my Personal Trainer. Please join us on our journey.
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2 Responses to How Am I Doing, Week 3

  1. Jane O'Neill says:

    You are doing a really good job, warts ‘n’ all, I applaud you for your honesty…. now get eating the correct amounts lol xxx

    • Lian Munday says:

      Thank you Jane, as much as it pained me to write that, there’s no point in pretening or hiding from the truth!! I am just about to cook my breakfast – scrambled eggs with mushrooms sauted in butter – YUM

      Your comments keep me motivated to keep up the work and hopefully to stop the stupid falling off the wagon too 🙂

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