The Long Road to Cornwall & the BAD, BAD Food….

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It’s been a hell of week for travel – as per usual I have to say!  So, this morning, I got up at stupid o’clock again to weigh myself and email my usual weight photo off to Martin.  This morning I woke up with the most horrendous swollen EVERYTHING and the usual pmt mood which has been steadily building since Saturday.

I got home late last night and had some work to catch up on, so I took the chicken out of the freezer ready to cook for lunch today and Friday.   Unfortunately, I feel asleep waiting for one of my colleagues to call (I missed his call – soz James) so that meant that when I did wake up, I just went to bed and forgot to cook the chicken.

This morning, not in the mood to cook stuff and having a mammoth drive to Cornwall I decided to go and buy some ready cooked chicken to add to the salad leaves and remaining coleslaw.  I know that the chicken bits are all cooked in syrup; what I didn’t expect was that ALL the chicken had sugar of some sort added during the cooking process.

So, I decided that ham would be a good substitute; as you can see from the pictures,  ALL the meats have sugar of some description, some have the standard brown sugar, others have dextrose or syrup, both or all three.  I also checked out the plain roast beef and roast pork, they didn’t have sugar, or rather not sugar by that name, they were all cooked with lactose, which is sugar from milk.   I did eventually find one Budgen’s own brand cooked ham that doesn’t have any sugar of any description added to it and no breadcrumbs either.  (definitely going to do the food labeling and on-line diary site comparison blog at the weekend.)  However, during the process of looking for something that I could eat, my mood worsened, and I didn’t think it could…

Well, by this time I had my lunch and now the only thing left is petrol and I needed more water for the drive.  I went to the petrol station to fill up and whilst queuing to pay, I ‘accidentally’ bought a large bag of fruit pastilles along with the water – well, it was on offer!  I ate the whole bag of pastilles by the time I reached Bristol, that’s about 2.5 hours of driving from Loughborough, I think…. anyway, I had eaten the whole pack and that made my mouth really sore, the sugar actually burnt my tongue and the roof of my mouth.  Lesson learnt – eat chocolate or I should have stuck to the marshmallows that I really fancied when I woke up 🙂  Funny that I got so hacked off that all the pre-cooked meats contained sugar, but I didn’t have an issue with the fact that Rowntree’s Fruit pastels are almost pure sugar !!  Very high GI carbs… GI is the glycemic index, basically how quickly the sugars/carbs are metabolised.

The mood was set to get even worse during my journey and I guess this is a word to the wise…. if you are setting out on an epic 357 mile journey, make sure you have an in-car charger for your phone.  We have just moved to Blackberries and I don’t have an in-car charger, I also forgot to pack my plug-in charger!  I stopped at every damned service station from Bristol all the way to Cambourne and not one of the services stations sold chargers for a damned blackberry.  I hate the damned phone anyway, I really, really miss my iPhone and I could have bought an iPhone charger anywhere.  I eventually managed to get one at Halfords right across the road from where I’m working in Cambourne.  That certainly helped with my mood, that and my now really sore mouth!

Martin emailed me telling me to get some dandelion root and take 1g of vitamin C and that the two of them will do the trick for my water retention but I would have to drink loads more water if I take them both together.  As I always confess my sins to Martin, I asked him if I could go to the gym when I get to the hotel because even though I’m only supposed to go to the gym when I meet with Andy, I did pack my gym kit.  I told him that I was not drinking enough water, I only drank a litre of water all day yesterday and that I had eaten the pastels.  The best way to get rid of the ‘sugar cravings’ is to work it off.  An intense workout really releases the endorphins and that’s the same feeling you get when eating chocolate, not the same taste though, so in a trade-off, I would still prefer the chocolate when suffering from pmt, well, until I actually get into the gym that is.  Martin gave me seriously good advice by return as usual;

“…drink more water, don’t eat sweets!”

He also pointed out the reasons for his advice;

“Eating sugar also stresses the body.  Huge release of insulin… stresses the body, blood sugar comes crashing back down and guess what is released… cortisol… which is what all the other crap in your life causes you to release.  Enter lack of weight loss. ”

I knew that, well I didn’t know that the sugar crash releases cortisol, that is new to me.  That will probably put me off eating any sugar for either the rest of my life or at least a very, very long time 🙂  Thanks for more sound advice Martin…

Yeah, bad day for food, because my mouth was sore from the dang sugar and I wasted time looking for a battery charger for my crap phone, I didn’t get chance to eat lunch.  I had to go to my customer site where my colleague was holding the fort to finish the consultancy session and not eat good food.

For dinner I was good – I had roast pork with crackling and instead of the stuff that came with it, I had an avocado salad and I finished the evening with a decaf coffee… DECAF – why would anyone ever choose unleaded coffee is beyond me, I can cope with decaf tea though.  I drink decaf because Martin told me to… well, actually, he informed me that drinking coffee releases cortisol; whilst cortisol at the correct levels is a good thing for the body as discussed in  and Martin informs me tonight that it is also required for weight-loss – over production of cortisol is detrimental to weight loss!  After an early dinner, an early to the room to write this at 8.30 pm.

I can’t tell you what the macros and kcals for the day were, I really haven’t had the heart to check… if you don’t count it, you can’t measure it, that’s something I say at work all the time and now I can say the same for my nutrition plan.   I already have my car snack for my journey home tomorrow night, I popped into a supermarket on the way to the hotel and bought 2 packs of celery hearts for the journey.  They total 46 kcals and 5 carbs, I know that Martin believes that eating celery on its own is ‘just a waste of chewing’ because you don’t really get any benefit from eating volumes of celery, it’s great when eaten with other foods though.  However, Martin’s thoughts aside, I love celery and I can eat loads of the stuff with NO ILL EFFECTS.

So, onwards and downwards (weight that is) and I think it’s time for bed before my dad tells me off! Martin’s my dad, he tells me ‘go to bed!!!!!’ and ‘shut up and eat you’re damned food’  (when I was whingeing about eating 1800 kcals a day) and many other amusing things, in fact the ‘shut up and eat your damned food’ comment is now used a lot by my sister just for fun….

So, good night, sleep well and we’ll catch up soon.

About Lian Munday

My journey from having a gastric band to actually losing weight in a healthy controlled way with the help and support of Martin MacDonald, Mac-Nutrition, my Nutritionist and Andy Angell, my Personal Trainer. Please join us on our journey.
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