Hello 2012

So, that’s the end of another year, the family have all gone back to their respective homes with all the goodies that were left from the holidays.  I am left with only the stuff that is legitimately on my nutrition plan, oh, that’s not quite true, I am left with some alcohol. Luckily, I never drink alone and really, as much as I like to talk about drinking, I am only a social drinker.  The house seems really quiet and bare again now as it always does when my brother, his family, my sister, her family and my parents all leave me again.

It’s been a wicked holiday, I’ve dragged my brother to the gym 3 times – he now says he’s not coming back because I hurt him 🙂  Whilst on the topic of exercise, I am still restricted to cv (cardio) only, an edict from Martin.  This is because apparently I have stressed my body too much over the last many years with too much work, too much study, too much exercise, a ridiculously low-calorie diet, stupidly poor sleep habits and way, way, way too much coffee.  This basically means that my body is now metabolically resistant; essentially that means that it is refusing to release the fat from the fat cells or something.  No matter what nutritional ratios we’ve tried, my body starts to lose weight then just says, oh, ok, I can survive on this and just goes into a sort of weight maintenance.  So, in order to correct this, I am on my new nutrition plan, which at the moment is working yay …. and I am on a restricted training program – not so much yay on that score. 

My training program consists of cardio only and some core exercises to ensure I keep the strength in my back; I had some serious issues with my back earlier this year – all weight related of course and fixed by the magic touch of Andy (he is also a physiotherapist as well as a Personal Trainer).  I have been to the gym everyday since 27th when I felt I was able to go back to the gym after having the gastric band removed.  I heal really well and only 5 days after the op, (would have been sooner but the gym was closed for 2 days), I’m back in gym, only on the cross trainer, bike and uphill stroll (max 6 kph) on the treadmill – no weights and certainly NO rowing machines and NO core exercises YET.  I did try the rower but it basically was very uncomfortable so I didn’t push it.  I am already feeling withdrawal symptoms from the gym because it’s closed today and I can’t go in, I do have a cross trainer at home, but I’m not supposed to train at home – I do over do it sometimes, so I put it away in the garage.  Anyway, enough on training and on to the nutrition plan.

The nutrition plan is excellent, it’s full of all the wicked stuff I cut from my diet for years.  I can have cream and creme fraiche and real butter and I can cook in lard and coconut oil and everything good like that.  How fantastic is that?  I can’t have things like rice, pasta, potatoes and bread, the only thing I miss from that this is the pasta, I used to absolutely live on pasta, in fact, it was virtually all I ate with a tomato based sauce and sometimes I would add some prawns or mince but that was very rare.

Today’s menu (1st Jan 2012)

  • Breakfast
  • 2 eggs omelette with cream and grated Red Leicester cheese
  • 60g Tesco organic bacon
  • Kcals 592
  • Fat     49
  • Cho    1
  • Pro     39
  • Lunch
  • Tuna in spring water, homemade mayo and diced red peppers
  • Kcals   427
  • Fat       30
  • Cho      4
  • Pro       36
  • Dinner
  • Tuna, Avocado, curly kale
  • Kcals  268
  • Fat      12
  • Cho     9
  • Pro      35

Total ratios for the day

  • Kcals   1286
  • Fat       90
  • Cho      13
  • Pro       109

These ratios are pretty much spot on, I am over by 8 on the protein, under by 9 on the carbs (cho) and under by 1 on fat only off by 14 kcals.  This is pretty much how the whole week will be.  The breakfast will be the same everyday as will lunch but I do build in some variety for the evening meal.  I am keeping things pretty much the same because my body seems to really like consistency, not only in what time I eat, but also as in what I actually eat.  It would seem that my body is the boss of me and whilst I like to mix things up and not be limited to the same old stuff, I am going to have to live like this until we have finally got my body working properly; god knows how long that’s gonna take though, it took 30 years to get like this, I really hope it doesn’t take another 30 years to fix it….

About Lian Munday

My journey from having a gastric band to actually losing weight in a healthy controlled way with the help and support of Martin MacDonald, Mac-Nutrition, my Nutritionist and Andy Angell, my Personal Trainer. Please join us on our journey.
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