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Cold Dismal Tuesday Morning

I Woke up this morning at 8 am, a whole 9 hrs sleep – wahoo.. so, do I put that down to the magnesium citrate or the fact that I’ve been working from home and it’s seriously boring?  I think … Continue reading

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When Did Feeding Ourselves Become So Complicated?

Originally posted on Daily Health Boost:
Today’s Inspiration:   “I love this article because there is so much confusion for many people when it comes to ‘feeding ourselves’. It is a relatively simple concept but many people insist on…

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Daily Dose – I need this

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How damned true… need to bear this in mind Trying To Make My Kids Proud View original post

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Eat Less Exercise More: Does It Work?

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'Healthy Eating' means weight gain. Eat less and exercise more.  How is this working for you?  The fact is that when you restrict calories (eat less) you get hungry!  Have you tried…

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How Am I Doing – Week 5

Well, things seem to be pretty static at the moment!  Last week 108.6 today 108.7 – not smiling 😦 I guess Martin is of the same opinion, but we don’t actually discuss my weight very often only when there’s good … Continue reading

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Eureka, I Have the Answer to Yesterdays Conundrum…

Well, I seem to have spent the whole of this week whingeing about food, ‘I hate it’, ‘it all tastes disgusting’, ‘I’m bored with my food choices’ yada, yada, yada… I also asked yesterday if anyone thought I was an idiot … Continue reading

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Thursday’s Update

So, first and foremost – can I hear you all cheer – tomorrow’s FRIDAY – YAY… Secondly – what’s going on? I would seriously love someone to tell me what the hell is going on with me, because I certainly can’t.  … Continue reading

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