Christmas Lunch Failure!

Well, I started the day pretty well.  I planned my cheat day with an extended fast, so today is a combination of intermittent fasting (IF) and Cheat Day.  So, the menu was planned, I am breaking my fast at lunch at 2.30 pm, my feeding window is from 2.30 – 8 pm.  For lunch I was having ALL THIS:

  • 6 oz of turkey breast
  • 100 g Brussel sprouts (a christmas must)
  • 50 g of sprouting broccoli, because my mum loves it
  • 150 g of stuffing – oh, so long since I’ve eaten anything so decadent or to me anyway
  • 3 roast potatoes
  • & 4 kilted sausages

looking something well, exactly like this:

Massive Christmas Lunch

   Ridiculously, I thought that having the gastric band removed, I would be able eat ALL this food with a grand total of 765 kcal.  Unfortunately this wasn’t to be. 
I failed miserably in my quest to eat a full on Christmas lunch  😦 and I so wanted to eat all that stuffing too….
So, by the time the pain and discomfort kicked in, I guess I am still really swollen from the removal of the band and it was as restricting as when the band was full of fluid last Christmas!  Sulk……. So, this is the remnants of my lunch…

Remnants of Christmas Lunch 😦

As you can see, I did manage to eat almost all of the turkey, only leaving 1 oz, I only ate one potato and only 37 g of the stuffing, yes, I weigh EVERYTHING, and if I don’t eat it, I weigh what I have left and update my online diary so that Martin can track what I’m up to.  More on that in a bit….oh, yeah, I donated 2 of my kilted sausages to my dad, so they are not in the picture, but I only ate 2 of them in the end.
So, when all the macros are re-calculated I ended up with this…
 353 kcal
This leaves me in a bit of a quandary now.  I am still feeling really full after eating my lunch, even after the obligatory afternoon nap through Miracle on 34th Street, that seems to be a bit of a Christmas tradition too in my house.
My evening meal was supposed to be a finger roll – yes BREAD, something that I haven’t eaten for 4 years with roast beef salad and homemade Mayo followed with a piece of real Dickinson & Morris Pork Pie, not the rubbish that’s sold in Tesco, the real McCoy from Dickinson & Morris in Melton and 3 glasses of wine.  This combined with my full lunch would have seem my caloric intake to be 2069 for the day, instead it’s looking like I’m only going to make 353 kcal…. unless – hmmmn, cunning plan, CHOCOLATE!!!!  Now, that’s something that really should be avoided by me at all costs 🙂 
I need to bulk up my kcal, cheat days are all about eating stuff you never really eat or really shouldn’t eat, so I figure that chocolate fits into that category quite succinctly – wouldn’t you say?  So to bulk up my kcal to around 2000, knowing that I won’t eat the real food I will need to consume , just a sec, let me go check it out with MyNetDiary, I’ll be back in a tick….
Well, that’s a whole box of quality street – 350 g, and I can tell you now, that aint gonna happen.  Not that I couldn’t physically eat it, because let’s face it, chocolate melts and slips down like liquid, so that isn’t the reason.  The reason is, I really, really, can’t bring myself to eat that amount of chocolate.  I will eat 8 chocolates and that weighs 95 g, including wrappers, so probably around 90 g in total chocolate.  That brings my caloric intake to around  763 kcal.  That’s just over half of my normal daily kcal, Martin will be pissed at me, but no more than I am with myself!  See, this is the reason that you should NEVER, EVER, EVER have a stupid gastric band.  It just screws up your life in so many ways, even when you’ve had it removed. 
Oh yeah, before I forget, the Martin tracking what I’m upto bit, well Martin logs into MyNetDiary from time to time to see what I’m logging and to check the macros, however, the last time we met, we discussed the fact that I often used to fill it in and NOT actually consume everything logged.  I had completely forgotten about this after promising that I would keep it real, which I now do.  So when he came round for lunch the other day, I asked him if he still checks out MND, he said “Yes, but I know it’s all lies”, I then had to convince him that it is now accurate, and that I do actually remove stuff that I haven’t eaten from the site.  Hopefully, he now trusts me again….?
Well, if you have any ideas of what I can do, I need to get my calories up to around 2000 and I can give myself till around 9.30 pm, then please, please leave me a comment with your suggestions.
Happy Christmas and I hope your Christmas lunch was consumed in full or at least as much as you WANTED to eat 🙂
hmmmmnnn, stuffing…… maybe next week eh?

About Lian Munday

My journey from having a gastric band to actually losing weight in a healthy controlled way with the help and support of Martin MacDonald, Mac-Nutrition, my Nutritionist and Andy Angell, my Personal Trainer. Please join us on our journey.
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