Christmas eve

Well, normally at this time of the year my house is full of family, my brother, his wife and two kids 9 & 11 yrs, my sister and her daughter 26 yrs, my parents and myself, however, this year is different….

I opted to have my gastric band removed on 22nd of December (should have been 17th November, but I was too busy) and then my poor old mum was taken into hospital on the same day to have a partial foot amputation.  A complication of diabetes, and yet another reason for the desperate need to lose the weight.  I do not want to end up with type 2 diabetes and all the complications I am experiencing with my mum.  However, with my current diet, that shouldn’t be an issue.  Thankfully, we are both doing really well and both home now.

So anyway, why is Christmas eve not the same this year, it has been cancelled until New Year’s Eve instead.  The family in their infinite wisdom decided that I wouldn’t be able to cope with 10 people for 2 weeks with all the cooking and getting hacked off because I can’ t clean the house 🙂  Oh, that’s so me, normally, why would this year be any different?  I guess they are thinking of the fact that I have just had an op and I may be ‘uncomfortable’ and the fact that my mum may not be able to cope with kiddies running around screaming and playing with all the loud toys and things they have for Christmas.  I guess that bit’s quite true, but in truth, I miss the madness, I would have preferred not to postpone Christmas. 

So, what am I up to on this festive eve – writing my blog and setting up my blog site… that and finishing off a report for work and 3 assignments and a final project for my LAST EVER (maybe) Master Degree.  I have a new focus now, the blog, oh yeah, and as Martin said, I need to take holidays, somewhere in the sun where I can just relax on a beach and think of NOTHING….. hhhhmmmnnn, that does sound good and I’m gonna try it in March, I’ll keep you posted .

Today I have kind of blown my plan, I don’t have a diet, I have a plan for life, I am supposed to consume 1300 Kcals with a macronutrient ratio of 

  • 1300 kcal
  • Fat 91 g or 63%
  • Cho 20 g or 6% (carbohydrates)
  • Pro 101 g or 31% (protein)

Today I am not doing so well, I have for the first time  in 4 years eaten a bread roll, that kinda blew my carbs right out of the water…. so todays macros look something like this:

  • 657 kcal
  • Fat 40 g or 54%
  • Cho 39 g or 24% – way over….
  • Pro 37 g or 22%

As you can see, that one bread roll has blown everything.  However, tomorrow is a ‘cheat day’; that basically means that you can indulge yourself.  I read a really amusing and interesting blog all about cheat days and I’m going to write something about it too, I will use some of the research from Roman’s blog and add a little Mac-Nutrition take on the subject too in the next few days.  But essentially, tomorrow I an not going to worry about what I eat, I’m just going to enjoy my Christmas lunch with my parents and eat roast potatoes and stuffing all cooked in coconut oil – yum, there’s some serious carbs right there.  They will affect my metabolism, but what the hell, it’s Christmas I will do the same again on News Years day, all with the permission of the Nutrition Geek himself and in his latest tweet he even says –

Forget moderation… Christmas is a time to enjoy yourself and undo all the good you did in 2011 & go right back to where you started…….
I don’t think I’ll go that far, but I will certainly enjoy the festivities.  This may include a trip down the chocolate lane and maybe even a dip into the alcohol pool, but not too much eh!!!
In later blogs will explain the macronutrient ratios and how to calculate kcal from the macros, all courtesy of Martin MacDonald.
That’s enough for today, I’ve still got pressies to wrap 🙂

About Lian Munday

My journey from having a gastric band to actually losing weight in a healthy controlled way with the help and support of Martin MacDonald, Mac-Nutrition, my Nutritionist and Andy Angell, my Personal Trainer. Please join us on our journey.
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