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Fat Trap

I picked up on an article from someone on Twitter last night and it got me thinking….. The article is about how Joseph Proietto has been helping people in his clinic in Australia for over 15 years to shed the … Continue reading

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Gastric Bands do not work!

Disclaimer: As much as the academic in me doesn’t like to use terms like ‘they say’ without references, I do not feel the need to make my blog a fully scientific and fully referenced piece of academic work.  This is not … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions

So, my first New Years Resolution Un-subscribe to all the ridiculous weight loss diatribe I keep getting from our brethren in the States…. Jees, I get so much and today was no exception.  This time its a regurgitation of laxative treatments, or … Continue reading

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Do You Have the Monday Mentality?

Silly question for someone like me or indeed any of my family – Lian MUNDAY  haha, nice play on words for this time of the morning – or is that a throw back to the school playground??? Anyway, The Monday Mentality…..this … Continue reading

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Martin MacDonald’s ’10 Rules to Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance’

This is translated straight from Martin’s website with his kind permission (I hate to reinvent the wheel and this is not my area of specialism – YET) As an aside, Martin is not an exponent of the Atkins Diet, … Continue reading

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Just a quickie

I did manage to eat 2 turkey rolls with mayo last night at around 10 pm, so my kcals were back up to 1368, not quite the 2000 I had planned, but still up at the correct calories for my … Continue reading

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Christmas Lunch Failure!

Well, I started the day pretty well.  I planned my cheat day with an extended fast, so today is a combination of intermittent fasting (IF) and Cheat Day.  So, the menu was planned, I am breaking my fast at lunch at … Continue reading

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