Midweek Update

Here we are just past mid-week and as promised, a quick update.

So, how am I doing with the ‘basics’?

  1. Eating to my plan – CHECK
  2. Eating my correct kcals – CHECK
  3. Sleep 7 – 8 hours per night – CHECK
  4. Not over exercising – CHECK and getting enough too!
  6. Not over analysing myself – CHECK
  7. Taking my supplements as prescribed – CHECK

Wow, all my ducks are lining up quite nicely this week, doing everything I should do, so have I lost any weight so far this week – NO!

And now for some analysis, but not over analysis, you never want to see that kind of rambling 🙂

Why have I not lost any weight so far this week, in fact, I have actually gained about 1 kg.  Reason for that is the usual water retention.  Sometimes it can be as much as 2 kg, but that’s when it’s really bad and with that comes all kinds of other really dark moods.  At least I know this is glitch and that it WILL happen regularly and that it’s nothing to beat myself up about.  Martin did say that ‘if it was anyone else, I would be sure that it was down to eating too many carbs’, but this is too regular to ‘blame me’ for that.  Having said that, whilst out for my walk last night and I did go to the shop; the shop had suffered a severe fire in the night and was closed.  I guess in one way it’s a good job it was closed otherwise, I may well have bought chocolate and/or cake to soothe whatever I felt needed soothing at that time.  I did actually feel quite annoyed initially and wondered where the nearest shop was.  However, as soon as I turned around to walk back, the music kicked in to lift the spirits and I no longer needed the sugar hit.  Wow, that sounds like I was actually out looking for chocolate, I wasn’t, it’s just that when I arrived I actually thought that I could have bought chocolate and cake, not that I actually intended to do so.

Well, that’s my very short mid-week update – I’m off to the gym before coming home to write loads of stuff for a customer ready for next week.

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Managing Your Metabolism

Yet another source of information on the damned metabolism – why can’t you just get it to do what you want? And no, not looking for a magic pill or potion, just want evolution to kick in quickly I guess, well or for me anyway !

My Top Weightloss

What I'm Reading: Master Your Metabolism By Ji...
What I’m Reading: Master Your Metabolism By Jillian Michaels (Photo credit: puck90)

Many people like to blame their weight on their metabolism, Which is the rate at which the body burns calories. Diet and exercise will increase your metabolic rate,doing so will contribute to weight loss. But maintaining a lower weight will be an ongoing struggle because your metabolism doesn’t remain boosted without constant effort. whatever lifestyle changes you made to lose weight, you will have to continue in order to keep it off, People who are able to keep the weight off in general have to reinvent themselves. Your metabolism is built to resist rapid weight loss, which meant that if food ran out, your body could switch to survival mode by lowering metabolism. Boosting your metabolism through diet and exercise will provide quick weight-loss in the beginning, but as you lose weight your metabolism will actually begin to slow down.When…

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How Am I Doing – Week 9

Wow, is it really only 9 weeks or should I say is it really 9 weeks? So, fluctuating but almost stable weight – that’s not what I’m looking for! I had hoped to have lost loads of weight this week (at least 1kg) but that will only work if I follow the rules 😦 Weight – 107.2

Stability is good in most areas, but not when looking for weight-loss. As you can probably tell, I’ve had a really bad week; too much stress, not enough food – average 1000 kcals again, bad, bad week of missing meals – again, not enough sleep – too many nights of only getting between 2 and 4 hours! There’s a lot going on in my life right now, it’s all a bit secret at the moment, but hopefully it will all be resolved soon. I am also very, very busy with work, that adds to the stress and the lack of sleep and seriously interferes with my food intake. I have learnt to eat lunch during the day – that may seem strange to say, but I never used to eat in front of people; I hated to eat in public and with the gastric band it was virtually impossible anyway. It used to take me an hour to eat my food and that was just a tin of tuna with mayo and 50g of red peppers. So, can you imagine eating a full meal in public? That’s why I didn’t eat during the day. So now I do eat, and I actually take a lunch break at work too, that and breakfast have been the only meals I have been eating all week though and even that hasn’t been consistent! I have not arrived home until late every day and when I arrived home I was far too tired to cook or even eat anything. The joys of a busy job where you drive for at least 6 hours a day, then have to put in a full day’s consultancy that can often be quite taxing mentally. I haven’t had any exercise either.

What does all that mean for the basics?

  • Not over exercising – check – but not enough either
  • Taking my supplements as recommended – check
  • Not STRESSING – fail
  • Not over analysing – fail
  • Eating my correct macros – fail
  • Eating my full Kcals – fail
  • Sleeping 7 – 8 hours per night – fail

All that buggers up weight-loss, messes around with my metabolism, bodily functions and yup even my good mood has gone!

I could say I should put that down to experience and take it as a SUMO moment – Shut Up and Move On, but I don’t seem to ever learn as was pointed out in no uncertain terms yesterday by both Martin and Andy.

Andy is on a mission to get my strength back to where it was pre-op and pre Martin all but banning exercise (ban has been lifted, but restriction on time remains) and also to make me ache, I think that after today he WILL achieve that goal 🙂

Martin has given me new ORDERS – he said I have to remove the thinking from my plan, that means that I have to eat the same thing every day at the same time (where possible on the time) during the week. That means, that I can cook all my dinners and freeze/refrigerate them and just re-heat them when I get home – ergo NO EXCUSES. At the weekend, I can have what I want – within my plan of course. This week I’m having lasagne and salad. Lasagne without the pasta! I’m gonna replace the pasta sheets with aubergines. I’m not sure if I’m really going to like it that much, I didn’t like aubergines – but that was years ago and my tastes do seem to have changed in this last couple of years. I also have to make a bechamel sauce without flour – there’s a challenge, but I have a secret weapon…. my friends are coming to stay tonight and he’s a chef… looks like I may have some help with making this low carb lasagne. That gives me another challenge though – alcohol, I guess I’ll be watching them drink whilst I stick to my beloved water. I had a bad enough week last week – I really won’t compound it with alcohol today. I will not suffer from the Monday Mentality, we will be discussing our up coming holiday though…that should lift my spirits and spur me on to great heights and good weight-loss 🙂

And now for some over-analysis – but in a good learning way I think…..

I only seem to have good weeks when I plan properly, week commencing 13 Feb was a good week and I spent most of Sunday planning my menus and training for the week.

13 feb macro calccs

The attached file is my planning for the last good week I had. The daily menus are for way back in January. I only update those when Martin wants to see it in excel rather than logging into MyNetDiary.

Well, I have to prepare the house ready for our Residents Association Meeting this afternoon – good excuse to catch up with everyone, bit of a squeeze to get 25 seats in my lounge, but we manage! Then for the onslaught of my friends…. I am so looking forward to seeing them though, it’s rare for them to get off their island and into the real world haha, they live on the Isle of White…

This week, I’m going to prepare properly, in fact already have my weekly menu agreed with Martin, so check on that one, I have my training schedule planned with Andy so check on that one and I have my daily walks planned and they DON’T include going to the shop everyday – slightly longer and more taxing walks – but don’t tell Martin eh…. I should get the walk down to 30 mins by the end of the week without jogging – I don’t do that.. I will try to add a mid-week catch up for two reasons, 1) to keep you informed of my progress; am I on track for the basics and b) to keep me on track for the basics 🙂

Have a wicked Sunday in this lovely sunny weather, sleep well, train hard and stick to your nutritional plans – catch up soon…

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How Am I Doing – Week 8

How am I doing – well last week I weighed in at 107.9 today 107.2, still going the right way, but seriously slowly, but I guess that’s about a pound and that’s what the right way to lose weight and keep it off, I refer you to my blog;  Why Losing Weight Slowly is Good . Therefore, as much as it pains me to say so, it is good and I will persevere to keep up this momentum.

Did Martin arrive to open my olives last night (not the only reason for the visit)?  Of course he did, he also said that I need to start to really work on the strength in my hands and forearms – it didn’t look that easy for him to open either, actually, yeah, it did, it just wasn’t instant!  I have bought a powerspin, the next generation powerball to aid in the lower arm and hand strength.  However, with my current injury I am finding it difficult to work on my left side and I don’t want to be lopsided, so I’m gonna wait until it’s a bit better.  I have some exercises to help with my injury too – pain-free movement type stuff, that’s the kind of exercise you do actually aid in the healing process rather than mask the injury.

On the training thing, I think I have said in the past that I don’t really suffer from DOMS – (delayed onset muscle soreness) I did discuss this with Andy yesterday too and then with Martin last night.  I told Martin that Andy tried to kill me and he said ‘GOOD, about time too’.  I don’t think anyone can make me ache after a session though, so I laid down the gauntlet with ….. ‘I don’t think even YOU could make me ache after a session’…. let’s see if he picks it up eh – you up for the challenge Martin?  😉

My sessions in the gym are definitely getting harder.  I have not been allowed to do too much for many months now, since Martin all but banned exercise and certainly with weights, then with my operation ensuring that I couldn’t lift heavy weights in I case I herniated the incisions – lovely thought, compounded with my snow ballet.  However, today we really ramped it up a notch.  Clean & press back to 30kg, deadlifts back to 42kg swiftly followed by bench press with the same 42kg barbel, plus lots of steps and squats and a full on boxing circuit too – I do love the boxing and it is harder in a different way to the heavier weights.  Although I think the weights are heavy, I am mindful of Martin’s comments pre-Christmas when I asked him if he was impressed that I could now bench 50kg and he said ‘NO’, ‘but you were really rubbish to begin with, so I guess it’s progress’…. yeah, thanks mate!  I don’t think I’ll even mention it again until I can bench at least 75kg or clean & press 50 kg.

Well, enough rambling from me today, onwards and downwards (weight that is). 

Catch up later, train hard and stick to your nutrition plans 🙂

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Death By Soda?

Yet another excellent blog by Dr Lori … I agree, putting a tax on sugar won’t help, the high price of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs doesn’t seem to put people off! It has to be down to education and if the stupid governments continue to put out all the rubbish they do, how can the vast majority of people make the healthy choices? Also when the likes of Weight Watchers team up with ridiculous organisations like MacDonalds – what kind of message is that putting out there…. ok, rant over, I’ll be getting off my soap box now.. 😉

Americans ingest 141 pounds of sugar each year.  We drink 13 billion gallons of soda per year, more than twice the amount of any other country.

According to a University of California team, new policies such as taxes are needed to control soaring consumption of sugar and sweeteners.  The claim is that sugar is as damaging and addictive as tobacco or alcohol and must be regulated.

Some are rallying behind the idea that a penny-per-ounce tax on sweetened beverages could help reduce the heavy burden of lifestyle diseases and saves lives.  Yes, death by soda.

But would it really?

I’ve been keeping my eye on the proposed legislation to tax products that contain sugar.  Sugar is one of the unhealthiest “foods.”  It is a processed man-made product and the body doesn’t know what to do with products that are not natural.  Sugar creates silent or chronic inflammation and sets people…

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Saturday’s Food and Quick Update

Saturday’s Food and Quick Update.

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Saturday’s Food and Quick Update

Well, I know that I usually update you all tomorrow with my weight and the like and I still will, but I had such a good day today that I just thought that whilst I await the imminent arrival of Martin, I’d share the day with you.

I didn’t get up until after 7.30 this morning after at least 9 hours sleep and may I say that is heavenly 🙂  So as ever, one of the first things  I did was to weigh myself, photograph the scales & my feet and send the photo off to Martin.  He emailed me back almost immediately telling me that he would pop around tonight and that I have ‘had an excellent 1-2 weeks weight-loss and to JUST KEEP DOING WHAT I’M DOING’.  That is so damned motivational, and when he replies first thing in the morning it really sets the mood for the day.  I am quite sure he is well aware of that though….

So, after a couple of emails with Martin, that was me off to the gym for my session with Andy.  He tried to kill me today and said that it is his aim to make me ache tomorrow!  I did think that he might have succeeded, but alas, soz Andy, you failed miserably 🙂  As ever, I ached like hell when I left the gym and today I actually found it quite difficult to walk down the stairs, my legs were seriously wobbly and I couldn’t even lift my arms.  However, a quick recovery shake of whey protein and dextrose followed by 10 mins in the sauna and a lovely shower and I felt as right as rain again!  I don’t think I’ll be aching tomorrow, but I guess that means that he’ll really be on a mission tomorrow when I don’t ache!?!?!

So, for breakfast when I got home I had 2 scrambled eggs, then I went shopping.  For lunch I decided that I would have steak, garlic mushrooms and spring cabbage.

Steak & Garlic Mushrooms

I am turning into a fairly good cook, or at least I think so… the above is

  • 215g of sirloin steak
  • 100g of spring cabbage
  • 70g of mushrooms cooked in
  • 15g of butter with a clove of crushed garlic and loads of freshly milled black pepper.


  • KCALS 464
  • FAT      26
  • CHO     6
  • PRO     50

Yesterday, I went for lunch with one of my fav clients in London and had a warm prawn and chorizo salad; that was seriously gorgeous, so I thought I’d see if I could replicate it today for dinner – YAY, I succeeded ….

Warm Prawn & Chorizo Salad

The above is

  • 50g Salad leaf
  • 25g cucumber
  • 15g cherry tomatoes
  • 43g chorizo
  • 61g fresh raw king prawns
  • 10 pitted black olives

Fry the prawns and chorizo, there is enough fat in the chorizo, so I didn’t add any additional oil, when they are almost cooked toss in the cherry tomatoes and black olives just to warm them through, then add to the salad and enjoy – I did !!


  • KCALS  354
  • FAT        27
  • CHO       8
  • PRO       20

Unfortunately even with all that food, I am still short on my macros by 250 Kcals, 25g fat and 10 carbs, so I’ve added a snack which I will have later of 25 black olives, it’s a good job I love olives… However, I can’t eat that until Martin arrives – I need his strength to open my new jar of olives, the jar just won’t open!

Well, I guess that’s it for today, I’m off to email himself to find out what time he’s arriving.  I know he’s doing a talk tonight and he’s flying off to Tenerife tomorrow for work, so if he’s running too late, I guess he won’t make it to open my jar of olives haha… I’ll let you know tomorrow when I publish my progress report 🙂  Goodnight, sleep well…


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